The Perfect Word Transcription Rates
The Perfect Word Transcription Rates
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Billing Information for Transcription and Related Services

Please contact me to discuss details of what you need and to receive a quote regarding your specific project or complete outsourcing. And don't forget to check out the variety of payment options!


Option 1: By Transcription Hour

First option for transcribing audio/video recordings, CDs, DVDs.

I charge $25 per transcription hour in five-minute increments. Proofreading included.

The cost to transcribe your recording is determined by several factors including length, audio quality, and number of speakers.

       Example: Standard transcription, less than three speakers.
Length of Clear Recording Average Cost
30 minutes $47.00
60 minutes $94.00
90 minutes $141.00
120 minutes $188.00

Option 2: By Audio Minute

This is the second option for transcribing digital audio recordings, videos, CDs, DVDs.

Audio Minute Rates / Clear Audio
Up to 2 Speakers More Than 2 Speakers
Audio Minute Rates / Difficult Audio*
Up to 2 Speakers More Than 2 Speakers

Example: Transcription of a 30-minute recording, minimal background noise, and one to two speakers would cost $48.00.

*Difficult recordings: a lot of background noise, extremely low-speaking voices, thick accents, or audio that has been poorly recorded.

Proofreading and Document Transcription

$25 / hour

For more detailed information on this category, please see the Services page.

Proofreading for your blog, website, or documents that have already been typed. (This is for documents unrelated to transcription. Proofreading is included in the transcription price.)

Transcription of documents such as handwritten family letters, historical records, previously typed documents, etc.

Standard Turnaround

The length of a project or an individual transcript is the main factor in determining the turnaround time. For anything that is less than ten hours of transcription time, standard turnaround is three to five business days.

Rush Service, Weekend Requests

Rush = 48-hour turnaround or less. Clients providing regular monthly work receive at least four rush requests per month at no additional charge. For clients not providing work on a monthly basis, there is a rush fee of 25 percent.

Weekends. Work requested on a Friday that is needed Monday or before will be charged time and a half. This also applies to a rush project that cannot be completed during the workweek to meet a client’s deadline and the client requests weekend work in order to meet that deadline.

Payment Options

Flexible payment choices include:

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