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Recommendations from great clients past and present!

Pam Deyerle, owner of The Perfect Word Transcription Service

I discovered The Perfect Word over five years ago and have been using their services ever since. Pam is so easy to work with, very accurate in her transcription, and turns things around according to specification. And her pricing is always the best around. I give Pam and The Perfect Word my highest recommendation. Thank you, Pam!
~ Mary Rice Hasson, JD, Ethics and Public Policy Center. (Washington, DC),

Pam with The Perfect Word has been a great partner to us and is our go-to transcriptionist. She is quick to respond to requests with a turnaround date/time, provides accurate transcripts and great customer service, is very reasonably priced, and has a pleasant demeanor to boot. I happily recommend her services to others.
~ Brooke Schepker, Executive Vice President, Yukon Learning (Glen Allen, VA)

I hired The Perfect Word to transcribe recorded virtual events for the Virginia Festival of the Book. I was grateful and impressed with their professional services, promptness, rates, and dedication figuring out each word to the best of anyone’s capability. They also researched proper nouns, other languages, and poetry line breaks. Excellent work, which can be read on even recap pages at
~ Jane Kulow (Richmond, VA)

I used the transcription services of Pam at The Perfect Word for over a decade and I have never hesitated to recommend Pam's services to one of my graduate students or colleagues in need of a good qualitative research Pam owner of The Perfect Word Transcription Service transcriptionist. She has always been efficient, accurate, and responsive to my requests for a quick turnaround when needed. Her work is of the highest professional quality and I am happy to recommend her to others.
~ Dr. Teresa (Terry) Carter, VCU, School of Medicine (Richmond, VA)

Pam is now my go-to transcriptionist. Not only is she accurate as well as fastidious about the little things like formatting and punctuation, but she is exceptionally aware of presentation overall when it comes to the projects I send her. She ALWAYS asks the right questions to ensure a perfect end result; she notices potential issues and makes viable suggestions; and she's a great communicator.
~ Tess Strand, Deputy Executive Director at The Lincoln Project (Portland, OR)

I had a great experience working with Pam on my dissertation. A classmate suggested I contact her and I’m so glad that I did. I found her to be accurate, reliable, and very responsive. I would certainly recommend her service to others. Having accurate transcripts allowed me to focus on other much needed areas as I completed my degree. I certainly look forward to working with her in the future.
~ Michael Donlan, Registrar at Washington University School of Medicine (St. Louis, MO)

When I decided to transcribe the letters my father wrote to his future wife (my mother) from the South Pacific during WWII, I knew I had a challenge. There were 225 letters, and many were difficult to read. After an Internet search and a few phone calls, I discovered Pam at The Perfect Word. She had the patience to transcribe the letters, decipher the words, learn his many nuances, and took the time to learn about the life and times of Lt. JG Warren L. Rasmussen and his service on the USS Trathen. After transcribing the letters, she organized them into book form with photos, pictures, table of contents, and copies of the original handwritten letters. The family has donated the letters to the Wisconsin State Historical Society. We are blessed and grateful to have digital and hardcopies of all that he wrote. If I decide to tackle the 20+ pounds of post-WWII letters, I will surely call on Pam. She not only did the work on the letters, but took the time to become my friend. A heartfelt thank you.
~ Becky Rasmussen, (Richmond, VA)

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